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My Wishes: Your Plan for Communicating and Organizing the Essential Information Your Family Needs

My Wishes: Your Plan for Communicating and Organizing the Essential Information Your Family Needs

ISBN : 978-1572485198
SIZE : 10.7″ x 8.5″
PRICE : US $21.95
PAGES : 256
BRIEF : Everything Your Family Needs-to Organize Essential Information.

My Wishes: Your Plan for Communicating and Organizing the Essential Information Your Family Needs

Book Brief

Everything Your Family Needs-to Organize Essential Information

My Wishes is an essential guide to organizing your life and preparing for the future. It provides an effective way to communicate to your loved ones all of your life plans, and it gives your family immediate access to information when long searches for vital documents are the last thing they want to do.

Whether you are looking for a way to send a lasting message or simply want to get all your affairs in order, My Wishes provides the peace of mind needed in times of sorrow. Follow its simple steps to ease a trying time and start your family on a healing path. Use it to quickly organize all your affairs.

-Prepare a will or trust to distribute your wealth among your loved ones
-Arrange for hospice care and treatment options with your doctor
-Write your own obituary and eulogy
-Organize your bills, insurance policies and other important papers
-Execute powers of attorney to safeguard your health and your finances
-Make final arrangements so your family won’t have to

My Wishes organizes and communicates all the information you want your loved ones to know, when they need it most.

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Here’s what others are saying:

My wife and I don’t have a large estate to pass on to our two children. But we would like to leave as much of it to

them as we can and avoid as much probate and taxes as possible. Being a hopeless do-it-yourselfer, I started browsing through the estate planning section at the local Barnes and Noble. That is of course until I came across this gem. My Wishes had everything I was looking for and quite a few things my wife and I never considered.

First of all, My Wishes is written in English and not legal jargon. I found it to be very easy to read and comprehend. All the legal documents I needed were in the book. For the most part, I just copied them and filled in the blanks. I took the author’s advice and had the documents notarized so that there wouldn’t be any dispute as to their authenticity. My Wishes also has several organizational pages and check lists that I found very useful.

What really impressed us – and something we were not expecting, was the way the author tells the stories of other people he’s known and worked with. My wife took several of the stories to heart and acted on them. She gave one of our daughters our fine china, our silverware to our other daughter, and split the crystal between them. These were things my daughters have adored sense childhood. It gives my wife immeasurable joy to watch her girls enjoy a gift that only her parents could give. I’d like to add that lately we’ve been invited over to dinner and to play with our grandchildren with much more frequency. Just this one tip alone was well worth the price of the book!

– J. Ullrich

If you are over 30 and have a family you care about you should buy this book. You will find yourself referring to it over and over again. It is a thought provoking guide book to things that you should be thinking about long before you think that you should be concerned about what will happen to your family when you are gone.
I have been a financial advisor for over 10 years and I give this book to all of my clients as a gift when they sign their first service agreement with me. I then assign them homework from time to time asking them to review certain sections of the book and/or complete the informational forms that the book contains.
It is a great tool!

– IBoogey