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According to Psychology Today, 60% of remarriages fail. What are the reasons? Why do people believe that whatever went wrong the first time won’t happen again?

Have you gone through a divorce, found a new partner and are considering remarrying? Perhaps you’re afraid of making the same mistake twice and are thinking of living together first? Do you wonder if you’re doing the right thing?

Before You Say I Do, Again answers these important questions, and much more. Written by a divorce attorney with over 30 years of experience, the book is filled with insightful information, practical advice and statistics supported by research studies.

Other questions discussed include: Does your new partner have debts that will affect you?
Will her/his kids ever like you? Are there any health concerns? Do you know why your previous marriage failed or how you contributed to its destruction? Have you wondered at the legalities of the new marriage? How much are attorney fees? The author points out all the vital questions you should be asking yourself at this important and critical time in your life.

Before You Say I Do, Again is divided into 4 parts:

Part I takes you back to revisit your first marriage and the reason you’re now single; Part II discusses what you’ll need to do before remarrying so that you’ll be emotionally, financially and legally ready to take the first steps (this section includes a test to help you determine if you’re ready); in Part III, the author uses the `buying a car’ analogy to show the importance of `knowing’ before saying `I do;’ finally, Part IV is a compatibility test to determine how your new partner compares to your former spouse. There’s also an appendix that provides useful forms such as a testament, a pre-nuptial agreement and an asset organizer.

Besides being chock-full of information, author/attorney Benjamin Berkley writes in a simple, light, engaging style, making the reading experience enjoyable. The structure is clear and well organized. Best of all, it is written by someone who really knows what he’s talking about. If you or someone in your life is considering remarrying, please do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book. It is definitely an eye opener.

– Mayra Calvani

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. “Before You Say I Do Again: A Buyer’s Beware Guide to Remarriage” is aimed at those who may be taking the dive into marriage the second time and want to be legally prepared this time around. Written from an attorney’s perspective, he offers much advice people should know the second time around to see if you’re truly ready to do it again. “Before You Say I Do Again” is a solid and highly recommended read that’ll educate and make many people reconsider.

– Midwest Book Review

If you’re considering a remarriage, whether you live in California or elsewhere, you need to carefully consider a well-crafted pre-nuptial agreement. It’s a decision that won’t just affect you and your new partner — it will affect your children, your partner’s children, and both sides of your newly formed extended family.

Here’s helpful advice from an attorney, packaged in a readable, insightful new book! Even if you’ve already remarried, you may gain valuable tips here that can help you construct, or re-construct, the legal details of your new marriage.

Divorced? Dating? Considering a new marriage? Pick up this book and read it carefully. You’ll be glad you did.

– Dr. David Frisbie,
The Center for Marriage & Family Studies

Benjamin Berkley masterfully confronts the unimaginable bringing awareness to a subject that is too often unreported.

– Denise Brown, Co- Founder and President,
Nicole Brown Foundation

Benjamin Berkley has broken new ground in his intricate novel about an abuse victim’s journey. Key character’s lives become inter- twined in unexpected ways in this poignant and satisfying novel.

– Jill Rathus, PhD Professor of Psychology,
Long Island University