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After writing a series of respected legal guidebooks, which contained their own vivid storytelling, Ben has transitioned seamlessly into writing engaging works of fiction. 

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Representing a man accused of throwing his wife overboard, chic attorney Lauren Hill begins to artfully present her case. But when Judge Howell seems to morph into God, Lauren's life of infidelity, poor parenthood, and self-absorption is questioned by the Almighty, who charges Lauren with committing the seven deadly sins. But is this real or fantasy? Is Lauren on the edge of a nervous breakdown, or is God presiding and ultimately deciding Lauren's fate? In Defense of Guilt is a gripping story of self-discovery, justice, and ultimately about love.






Melanie Bragg, author Crosstown Park, an Alex Stockton legal thriller:

In Defense of Guilt is a fast-paced legal thriller with a spiritual twist. Benjamin Berkley has crafted a main character who fears no consequences until she goes on trial before the 'ultimate arbiter.' She defends her client accused of murder while wrestling with her own demons of infidelity, greed and lust. Is salvation the light at the end of the tunnel? Well written and highly recommended.”


Betsy Ashton, author of the Mad Max mystery series, Unintended Consequences, Uncharted Territory, and Unsafe Haven:

"In Defense of Guilt is a modern-day parable that turns a murder trial on its 'ear.'  And you'll have to read to the end to see what happens to hard-charging defense attorney Lauren Hill who confronts God in her courtroom."


John J. Jessop, author of Deadly Pleasure and the Guardian Angel series (Guardian Angel: Unforgiven and Guardian Angel: Indoctrination):

With IN DEFENSE OF GUILT, Mr. Berkley has written a compellingly unconventional courtroom drama. This unique and fascinating story keeps the reader guessing from beginning to end, while offering an inspirational message that extends far beyond the guilt or innocence of the accused. A truly enjoyable read.


against my will (Fiction)

A novel following Danielle, pushed into a marriage with Jacob. As he tries to push his will on her, their relationship frays, and starts to fall apart, and Danielle tries to escape, something that proves hard, even as she physically leaves him. It is a story of survival, self-discovery, justice, and...ultimately...a story about love.


Before you say i do again: a buyer's beware guide to remarriage

Bookshelves are filled with warm and fuzzy titles authored by psychologists and family counselors. Their message is to teach how to listen to each other and improve the relationship. Before You Say I Do, Again is not a how to book to get back together or to stay together. Instead it takes the gloves off and provides insight as to the issues one must consider before walking down the aisle a second time. Tackling a serious subject, but presented in a sometimes whimsical fashion, it puts the brakes on the wedding ceremony and provides the reader with the questions that must be answered before she drives down the path of destruction.


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The Complete Executor's Guidebook

A step-by-step guide to settling a loved one’s estate.

Being an executor or personal representative is no easy task. For many, the job comes at a time of high emotion and is something that has never been done before. The Complete Executor’s Guidebook is here to help ease this troubling time and make this overwhelming task manageable.

It gives you everything you need to navigate through all the paperwork and responsibility that comes with this role. It takes you step-by-step though all of the legal and financial matters that must be completed and provides you with a plan to timely settle an estate. With it you will feel confident that you are doing everything you need to do


Win Your Social Security Disability Case

Win Your Social Security Disability Case provides step-by-step information to successfully obtain and keep receiving Social Security Disability benefits. All the necessary forms and sample letters required to appeal an unfavorable decision will be provided, along with over 30 medical questionnaires that will assist the treating doctor to establish that his or her patient is disabled.

For those needing Social Security Disability, being without benefits for even an extra day puts a tremendous financial strain on a family. Win Your Social Security Disability Case helps alleviate that burdens and gets you the payments you need faster.


My Wishes: Your Plan for Communicating and Organizing the Essential Information Your Family Needs

My Wishes is an essential guide to organizing your life and preparing for the future. It provides an effective way to communicate to your loved ones all of your life plans, and it gives your family immediate access to information when long searches for vital documents are the last thing they want to do.

Whether you are looking for a way to send a lasting message or simply want to get all your affairs in order, My Wishes provides the peace of mind needed in times of sorrow. Follow its simple steps to ease a trying time and start your family on a healing path. Use it to quickly organize all your affairs.